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The Marine Experts in Polishing, Coating, Vinyl Wrap & PPF

The only way, the professional way, the Proshield way 

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About Us

A passion for perfection is rooted deep within all here at Proshield, we strive to deliver the best results for every client, every budget with any time frame. 

It all started 4 years ago after our founder relocated to the French Riviera with a vision and a plan. He already had the skills to restore paint, marble and glass under his belt and so he went about constructing a team of like-minded individuals, all experts in their particular field to offer the greatest service available on the market. 

As our testimonials show, we offer the highest level of service whilst maintaining extremely competitive pricing. Our goal is to retain customers and grow our business year on year through amazing hard work, dedication and evolution.

We are the professionals. We are Proshield.

We have completed many amazing projects

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